Saint Cecilia

Saint Cecilia

Patroness of musicians
Feast Day: November 11

Saint Cecilia was born to a wealthy family in Rome. Her family betrothed her to a nobleman named Valerian, even though Cecilia had consecrated herself to God. During her wedding, Cecilia sung in her heart to God and on her wedding night, she informed Valerian that she had vowed to remain a virgin for God and that her virginity was protected by an angel. Valerian wanted to see the angel so Cecilia told him that if he converted and was baptized by Pope Urban he would. He did so and upon returning to Cecilia, he saw the angel. When Valerian’s brother heard about this, he also converted and the two spent their time burying martyred Christians before being martyred themselves.

Cecilia was also eventually martyred. She was to be beheaded but after being struck three times with a sword, she remained alive for three days before eventually dying. In 1599, Cecilia’s body was exhumed, and she was found to be incorrupt – the first of the incorruptible Saints! Because of her singing in her heart on her wedding day, St. Cecilia is the Patron Saint of musicians.

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