Sagely Sparrow dove necklace modeled on a woman with white top holding flowers
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Sagely Sparrow St. Genevieve Necklace on a white background with black marbling
Woman wearing black shirt with "Merry Advent" in pink text
Sagely Sparrow St. Francis of Assisi Canticle of the Sun charm bracelet in an open palm with green and brown background
Cross Necklaces - Sagely Sparrow
Sagely Sparrow Yellow Jasper Earrings on white background with gray marbling
Bee Atitudes Funny Beatitudes Toddler Shirt
Female Saints - Sagely Sparrow
Male Saints - Sagely Sparrow
Sacred Heart - Sagely Sparrow
Sagely Sparrow Sterling Silver Necklaces (Pax, JMJ, Jerusalem Cross, and Sacred Heart) in a line on a white background with black and gray marbling
Sagely Sparrow sterling silver cross earrings staged on an off white dish with green border in front of a white background