Saint Joseph of Cupertino


Patron Saint of Aviators, Astronauts, Students, Those with Learning Disabilities, and Test Taking
Feast Day: September 18

St. Joseph of Cupertino was born in 1603 in Cupertino Italy. St. Joseph’s early life was marked with struggles. He had a difficult relationship with his family and had learning difficulties, that combined with a harsh temper and absent-mindedness, made him unpopular with peers. He tried joining both the Franciscan and Capuchin religious orders, the first rejected him and the latter expelled him because of his inability to complete tasks and remember orders. Eventually he was accepted as a servant at the Franciscan monastery.

While performing hard work at the monastery, Joseph began to grow in humility and kindness and was more successful at his work. He eventually was allowed to enter the religious order and study to become a priest. He struggled in these studies but eventually succeeded in becoming a priest.

As a priest, St. Joseph became associated with many miracles. He had the gift of levitation and was witnessed to do so over 70 times while praying or offering mass. So popular was he, and sometimes more for the spectacle of his levitation than his holiness, that he had to be moved around and kept from the public by his order. He was even reported to and investigated by the Inquisition, who exonerated him. St. Joseph is sometimes referred to as “The Flying Friar.”

St. Joseph's life is characterized by profound humility and obedience to the will of God. Through his extraordinary experiences, he remained humble and submitted himself entirely to God’s will. His life serves as a model for believers, encouraging them to embrace humility, trust in God's plan, and live in harmony with the teachings of Christ and His Church.

St. Joseph died September 18, 1663 and was canonized in 1767.

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